Middlesex County Attainable Housing Review

Different types of housing

Fundamental to creating healthy and inclusive communities is the availability of a variety of housing options to meet the differing needs of current and future residents. Similar to communities all across Ontario and Canada, Middlesex County is experiencing housing pressures due to changing demographics and market trends.  

Access to a range of housing forms, including attainable, affordable and accessible housing, is a priority for the County.  In order to better understand the current supply and demand of housing across the County and develop strategies aimed at ensuring a broad array of housing options are available to meet the full spectrum of needs of residents in Middlesex, the County is undertaking an Attainable Housing Review. 

Attainable Housing Review Process

The project will be completed in three core phases:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Background Data Collection and Analysis
  3. Direction and Recommendations

We are currently in the first phase of the project, and, over the next several months, as we move into phase two, we will be seeking input on what’s important to residents and stakeholders, and what are the current and future housing needs of residents across the full housing continuum. 

It is anticipated that the review will take approximately seven months to complete with a final report to be presented to Council in January 2023.

Let’s Talk Housing! Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

There will be several opportunities for residents and stakeholders to share their perspectives and ideas over the course of the project.

Our first phase of community engagement will be kicking off in August and will run through September with multiple engagement opportunities being offered. During this phase of engagement, we would like to hear your thoughts on current housing needs and gaps, and what is important in moving forward and ensuring all residents’ housing needs are met.

Community Survey

Share your feedback through a community survey.  Click here to complete the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/middlesexcountyhousing 

Stakeholder Focus Groups

Targeted focus groups will be held over the month of September to hear about housing challenges key community stakeholders are facing.  These sessions will hear from a range of community agencies, local service providers, affordable and non-profit housing providers, landlords and local developers, and other housing partners.

Virtual Community Round Tables 

Virtual Round Tables are an opportunity to share your concerns and ideas related to housing needs across the County.  Round Tables are being held early September and registration is encouraged. A link to register can be found below.

Community Round Table 1 – Virtual

Community Round Table 2 – In-Person

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

Project Contact:

For more information about the project, contact:    

Attainable Housing Review:

Jodi Ball



Housing and Homelessness:

Cindy Howard


519-434-7321. ext. 2223


Durk Vanderwerff


519-434-7321 ext. 2262


Learn More About Housing – Coming Soon!

Learn more about current housing information, services, and supports here.  Information will be available in the coming months.