Middlesex County’s decentralization project in final stages

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September 2, 2022
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Middlesex County’s decentralization project in final stages

MIDDLESEX COUNTY (September 2, 2022): Following a comprehensive review of its current and future operational needs, Middlesex County is moving into the final stages of its plans to have a smaller footprint and a more decentralized workforce spread throughout the County. So far through this project, the County has made significant investments in new capital development within Middlesex; capitalized on peak market conditions through the sale of its current administration building; and successfully implemented a hybrid work model enabling many County employees to work remotely.

As part of the County’s capital investments, the Middlesex County Primary Operations Centre on Gainsborough Road underwent major renovations. Office space for the County’s engineering technical employees, previously stationed in the Middlesex County Administration building, was created, along with ‘hoteling’ space for employees from other departments working under the County’s hybrid work model.

Over the past eight years, investments have also been made in the Middlesex County Library System through the construction of five Comprehensive Library locations in Dorchester, Glencoe, Lucan, Parkhill and Strathroy. Office space incorporated into these locations has allowed for the provision of social services and economic development and tourism services at the local level, helping to remove transportation barriers and integrate County services into valuable community hubs.

The County’s investments in these and other capital projects were made possible, in part, by the sale of the Middlesex County Administration Building in 2019 and vacant lands near Strathmere Lodge in 2021. In addition to stabilizing the County’s tax rate and funding pandemic relief and recovery programs, proceeds from these sales, totaling approximately $36 million dollars, have helped the County move ahead with its decentralization plans.

With the majority of County services now being provided at locations throughout the County, including transportation, economic development and tourism, social services, planning, libraries, long term care and paramedic services, the County is exploring all options for its governance and corporate support services teams – the final piece of its decentralization plan.


“Our vision for decentralized services at the County has really taken shape over the past three years. Bringing services closer to the residents we serve, while finding efficiencies and innovative ways to deliver our services, has been at the forefront of all of our minds when making decisions. In many ways, the pandemic accelerated our plans by allowing us to explore different service delivery models and to modernize many of our existing processes. We are looking forward to completing this project.” - Warden Alison Warwick




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